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  Tops should be pressed and all seams laying flat.

  All loose threads trimmed.

  All salvage edges should be removed.

  Stay stitch 1/8 inch around edge to prevent seams from coming unstitched during the quilting process.

  Backing needs to be 4 inches larger than quilt top on all four sides.

  The Batting needs to be 2 inches larger than quilt top on all four sides.

  All layers must lay flat and square to avoid any puckering.  Not responsible for irregular quilts.

  Mark top of quilt and backing if it is directional fabric with safety pins or tape.

Shipping Your Quilt...

Return shipping will be calculated
before returning.  (Insurance is extra)



Please place top, batting and binding (if supplying) and backing in a plastic bag in a box for shipping.  If sending more than one quilt wrap each in separate bag but can be shipped in the same box.  This will prevent water damage.

If you live in the area you may drop the quilt off by calling first. 1-920-434-8905.

Payment can be made via Paypal.

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