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Our professional longarm custom quilting services include:

• Supplied – We do not accept Mountain Mist batting.
• Hobbs Heirloom 80/20
• Heirloom Prem. Black Cotton
• Warm and Natural 100% Cotton
• Warm and Bleach White 100% Cotton
• Polyfil – Low or High Loft
No Charge
$6.75 yd

$6.75 yd.
$8.75 yd.
$8.75 yd.
$5.50 yd.
Thread color choice: 
• Blending
• Contrasting
• Variegated and Metallics
Quilting Type:
Basting:  Large stitched, ready for hand quilting.
.005 sq. inch
  • Edge to Edge Pantograph: (See Patterns & Prices for details)
priced by design
  • Semi-Custom:  All over design with border. Select an inside main  pattern and choose to have either one or two borders.
.015 sq. inch
  • Custom Quilting: Design in each block, sashing and borders
 Contact us to discuss your plan.
.025 sq. inch
  • Heirloom Quilting:  Heavy quilting and specialty quilting
.03 & up/sq.. inch
  Sew binding on front and hand stitch to back.
 (Binding supplied by customer)
.20 / linear inch
Additional Charges:
  • Sewing of seams for backing 
$5.00 per seam
  • Pressing due to excessive wrinkles 
$10.00 per layer
  • Thread clean up if needed 
  • Shipping Charge: Determined by quilt size and completed weight.

Payment due at time of pickup or return shipping.

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